Landscape Lighting

Backyard Lighting Job in Champaign IL.
Bloomington IL. lighting job
Outdoor Kitchen Lighting
Pathlights and Uplighting in Champaign IL.
Patio Lighting in Fairbury IL.
Pillar w Glass Block Light
String Lights over Outdoor Patio by Cabery IL
Under Cap and Uplighting in Gridley IL.
Uplighting in Fairbury IL.
Uplighting on House by Cabery IL
Uplighting on House by Fairbury IL
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Here at PRL we consider Landscape Lighting to be the ‘Icing on the Cake’ so to speak. From uplighting for illuminating trees and shrubs to pathlights for lighting up your walkways and beds, to under cap lights that add a subtle glow on a wall or kitchen, to a system of perfectly placed spotlights showing off beautiful characteristics of your home, you are bound to love our Lighting Packages.

As well as beautifying your property, Landscape Lighting also adds a sense of safety and security as you can always see whats going on in your yard.

The options are endless with lighting!

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